About this Blog

The nice thing about blogs (short for web logs) is that anyone and seemingly everyone are given a voice on their particular topic of choice. This voice can be in the form a soap box to express an opinion, or it could be a well researched investigation that rivals many sources of professional “journalism”.

While I don’t necessarily feel that any particular blog should be taken as the authority on any given topic, I’ve found that very often, blogs contain a wealth of helpful information. Hopefully, you, the reader of this blog will find my blog entries to be a useful source of information. I try not to get bogged down with the very minute details so that the material is still somewhat readable. Where necessary, I provide links for further reading on specific details.

I work in the Information Technology (IT) industry. I’ve held positions from Software Engineer to IT Manager, but tend to prefer the project lead type of positions where I get to make best use of my architecture, technical and administrative skills. One of my hobbies includes digital photography. Technical issues and arts like photography often cross paths and likewise, topics of this nature will likely be covered in my technical blog. When possible, I tend to pick topics that have some form of controversy, express my opinion, back it up with facts and present my conclusion. Hence the name of this blog: Technical Conclusions.

I have no intentions of doing anything to advertise this blog, nor do I actively encourage readers to “digg” my blog, etc. I’m not doing this for money and likewise have no intentions of accepting advertising. This blog was setup because I tend to get tired of repeating myself and like to have a reference point to direct others to. That is, when someone asks me about one of the topics I’ve covered; it’s nice to just direct them to my blog. It’s easier to cover things once in more detail than to rehash them many times and miss some detail along the way.

With that said, I’d like to welcome everyone to my blog! I hope you enjoy the material I’ve presented. Feel free to send me positive or at least constructive feedback.



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